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The First Conversion Industry Factory in Isfahan Food Aida International

Isfahan food industry complex with the brand name Aida (like the moon) was established in 1338 on a land of 7000 square meters in front of the historical monument of Manarjanban. The old Aida factory is about half a century old, producing various products such as tomato paste, canned goods, Compote, Shurjat, Marbajat and Tarshijat was the first processing industry factory in Isfahan province. This factory was equipped in 1382 with machines purchased from ROSSI & CATELLI company in Italy with the possibility of septic packaging of 220 kg and currently it is considered one of the rarest food industry factories in the country. This complex has facilities such as administrative buildings, welfare, conference hall, facilities technical, water supply, sewage treatment house, side warehouses, production and development halls and well-equipped laboratory as well as a fully automatic production line. Tons of apples and 200 tons of peaches and apricots in fruit puree in aseptic packaging have provided stable economic development and the creation of a reliable market for the supply of agricultural products in Isfahan province and other provinces of the country. In the Isfahan Food Industry Complex, the utmost effort and care is taken to make the tomato paste a healthy, tasty and free product by preserving the maximum beneficial properties of tomatoes, especially lycopene (red seed color) and other available antioxidants, in addition to viscosity and color. To be produced and packaged from any kind of heavy metals. In line with the goals of quality and competition and presence in global markets, in addition to obtaining Iran's national standard certificates for products, this complex has now succeeded in establishing and obtaining ISO 22000 & 9001 for food safety management and product quality management from TUV NORD company. Is. Equipped with modern technology and fully automatic machines from leading manufacturers in the world, with research and development (R&D) license, national standard mark, halal mark.


More Than Half a Century Of Flavoring Of Iranian Tables,Aida Tomato PasteAida International Complex